Twente AB hosts the last Tactical Weapons Meet

In the early days of NATO, the organisation arranged several exercises. The Tactical Weapons Meet (TWM) was one of those excersices. TWM was Central Europe’s tactical attack competition between teams of 2ATAF (Allied Tactical Air Force) and 4ATAF. The first TWM was held in 1962 at St. Dizier Airbase, France. In the following years airbases in Germany, France and Belgium hosted the excercise.

The final Tactical Weapons Meet
The 1976 the 12th and last edition of the Tactical Weapons Meet was held at Twente AB, The Netherlands from 28 April till 15 May. 2ATAF’s team consisted of Dutch NF- 5A’s of 316 squadron from Gilze-Rijen AB, Belgian Mirage 5’s of 1 sqn from Bierset AB, German Starfighters of 1/31 JaBoG from Nörvenich AB and U.K. Phantoms of 31 sqn from Laarbruch AB, Germany. 4ATAF was represented by German Starfighters of 1/32 JaBoG from Lechfeld AB, Canadian Starfighters of 1 CAG from CFB Lahr, Germany, USAF F-4E’s of 22TFS/36TFW from Bitburg AB, Germany and F-4D’s of 23TFS/52TFW from Spangdahlem AB, Germany. The French AF had sent a guest team, 3/13 Escadre from Colmar, equipped with Mirage 5F’s. The chase planes were Dutch NF-5B’s from Twente.
In 1978 TWM and Royal Flush exercises merged into the Tactical Air Meet excersices.