Wolfhound Eagles over sea and sand

USAFE’s 32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron received its first two F-15A Eagles on 13 September 1978. During the transition from F-4 to F-15 the units’ air defence task over Holland and the North Sea was temporary taken over by 18 F-15 Eagles from the 1st Tactical Fighter Wing deployed from Langley Air Force Base, VA, USA. The 32nd received 16 A-models and 2 B-models (two seater version).

To the desert
In 1980 the 32nd became the first USAFE unit operating the latest model of the F-15, the C and D version. After only 18 months the A en B models were exchanged for C and D models. During the Gulf War in 1991 the Wolfhouds were deployed to Incirlik Air Base in Turkey during operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. The unit scored one Iraqi MiG kill. After the end of the war the unit continued its activities over Iraq during operation Provide Comfort I and II.

End of an era
In 1991 the 32nd lost ‘Tactical’ from its name due to USAF structure reorganizations and became the 32nd Fighter Squadron. In 1994 it was Miller time for the 32nd FS: the unit was disbanded after 40 years of service in the Netherlands and the Wolfhound Eagles left Soesterberg for good.