European trainers meet at Beauvechain AB

On 29 June 2004, Beauvechain Air Base opened its gates for photographers to celebrate 25 years of Alpha Jet operations in the Belgian Air Force. At the same time, the 1st Wing at Beauvechain organized the European Trainer Meet which brought a great variety of NATO training aircraft to Belgium. No less than 10 different countries participated in the Trainers Meet. The absolute highlight of the meet were the F-5s of the Spanish Air Force.

Belgium (A109HA / HO, Alpha Jet E / E+, CM-170R, F-16BM, SA318C, SF260D)
Czech Republic (An-26, L-159A)
Denmark (T-17)
France (Alpha Jet E, Mirage F-1B, TB-30)
Germany (F-4F)
Ireland (PC-9)
Italy (MB339A / CD)
Spain (SF-5M)
The Netherlands (PC-7)
United Kingdom (Hawk, Tucano T1)