Koksijde Airshow celebrates its 25th anniversary

Every year in the first weekend of July, Koksijde Air base in Belgium organizes an airshow. This year the airshow was postponed for two months because the first weekend of July was reserved for the Belgian Defence Days. So, it wasn’t until 3 and 4 September 2005 that Koksijde Air Base opened its gates. On Saturday the skies above Koksijde were hazy, but on Sunday the airshow was held under clear blue skies. Over two days almost 80.000 people visited the airshow.

The participants
The organization at Koksijde usually manages to get some nice participants for the airshow. This year was no exception, where no less than eleven different countries send one or more planes to the Belgian coastal area. Besides the newer machines, there were also some vintage jets like a T-33, an F-86 and a former Red Arrows Gnat that gave a great performance. Although the weather was better on Sunday, visitors that only came that day missed out on two of this year’s highlights in the show. Patrouille de France only performed on Saturday because on Sunday they had to perform in Italy during Frecce Tricolores 45th anniversary. Another highlight of the Saturday show was the performance of the Hungarian Mig-29, which unfortunately had engine problems and couldn’t perform in Sunday’s show.