Difficult photographing circumstances at the Nancy Airshow

We visited the Nancy Airshow only on 30 June 2007, the day prior to the official airshow. History had learned that taking decent pictures at a Nancy airshow is a big problem. Photographing planes on the static is sheer impossible, due to barriers that are all around them. So, we decided to visit Nancy on Friday. But even on the day before the airshow, the photographing possibilities on the static were very poor.

BA-133 Nancy-Ochey
The base is created in 1915 and was home of the French, German and American Air Force over the years. BA-133 became officially a French Air Force Air Base in 1962. The base is located southwest of the city of Nancy on a high plateau in a foothill of the Ardennes and was home of four Mirage 2000 squadrons: EC 01.003 “Navarre”, EC 02.003 “Champagne”, EC 03.003 “Ardennes” and ETD 04.003 “Argonne”. ETD 04.003 was disbanded on 11 February 2020.

The airshow participants
The French Air Force had a Mirage 2000D of all the bases squadrons present on the static, together with two other Mirage 2000s, a Mirage F.1 and an Alpha Jet. There were only a few foreign visitors. The RAF send two Tornado’s and a Harrier, the Hellenic Air Force a C-27J, the USAF a C-21 and the German Air Force a Tornado. The most exotic planes on the static were without doubt two Singapore Sky Hawks. But like stated earlier, photographing was not really possible for most of the static aircraft.
In the show, a Mirage 2000C did a solo display, a C-160D was used for a parachute dropping, an Army Gazelle did a nice show and so did four home-based Mirage 2000Ds. A few warbirds were also present to do a few fly-bys.
On Saturday, the day of airshow itself, the Royal Jordanian Falcons, Team Breitling and Patrouille de France were added to the line-up.