Warthog back in European skies

A year after the last USAFE A-10 mission, the Warthog returned to Europe in 2014. Seven A-10C’s from the Idaho Air National Guard, based at Gowen Field, Boise, touched down on 16 May 2014 at Spangdahlem AB, Germany after a transcontinental flight with a stopover at Lajes, Azoren.

Exercise Combined Resolve II
The deployed A-10’s took part in exercise Combined Resolve II, a multinational exercise in which 15 NATO/European countries participate. The event is mainly an army exercise, and was held from 15 May to June 30. The Hogdrivers worked together with international Joint Terminal Attack Controllers to deliver the best fire power for the troops on the ground. The soldiers pratice calls for Close Air Support. The Warthogs mostly operated over the Grafenwoehr
and Hogenfeld ranges for convoy control, armed watch and CAS.

“The public loved it”
Colonel Paul Kinsley, commander of the deployment, was glad that the 124th FW/190th FS had the opportunity to gain more experience during this exercise: “In January [2014] I got a call for this exercise in Germany, and I was excited about it. It’s a great opportunity for our young pilots to get experience to work in the field in an other country. Besides the 16 pilots, we are with 87 other squadron members to support the A-10 deployment. Spangdahlem is a great place to be and we moved into the former 81st Fighter Squadron headquaters. It’s good to be back with the A-10 in Europe! We also brought the A-10 to the ILA, the international airshow in Berlin, and the public loved it!”

An article about this excercise was published in the July 2014 issue of Full Stop Magazine.