‘Ocean Tiger’, a Tigermeet organized by 11 Flotille at Landivisiau

The 2007 Tigermeet was held at Orland, Norway. The 2008 version should be held at Lechfeld, Germany. But unfortunately, the Germans announced that they wouldn’t be able to organize the Tigermeet due to operational commitments. Luckily French Navy´s 11 Flotille, which is usually based about the aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle, had some time because the aircraft carrier was in dry-dock for almost a year. So, the unit stepped in and agreed to organize the 2008 version under the name ´Ocean Tiger´ on Landivisiau. The Tigermeet started on 22 June and ended with a public airshow on June 29.

All the tiger squadrons which are part of the NATO Tiger Association were invited to participate in this year’s Tigermeet. Not all the members showed up or came only with observes. For example, Turkish 192 Filo and Portugal´s Esquadra 301, both flying the F-16, were absent. Unfortunately, the Greeks of 335 Mira with their A-7 Corsairs also stayed home while they were in the middle of the conversion to the F-16. But there was still enough to enjoy. All the usual units were present with sometimes very colorful painted aircraft. Perhaps the most eye-catching were two Super Etendards from the host squadron in a black and red tiger scheme. But the Nord 262 of Flotille 28, in an awesome black/white tiger skin, was also worth being seen. Maybe someone should have told the Czechs that painting at least one of their planes in tiger schemes should have been a nice gesture, because at their first appearance all four JAS-39s from Caslav Air Base were in standard colors.

And the winner is…
The overall best squadron during a Tiger Meet wins the Silver Tiger Award. This year Staffel 11 from the Swiss Air Force with their F/A-18s won the trophy. It was the second win in their existence. The first time the Silver Tiger was won, was at the Tiger Meet 1982 in Gütersloh, Germany.