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‘Recce’ is short for the military term ‘reconnaissance’: to obtain information about the activities of an enemy by visual observation. 
And visual observation is exactly what Recce Reports does. Observe activities of military forces and report about it through digital and printed media. To inform those interested about developments and day-to-day operations in the military aviation society. 
We hope you will enjoy our reports.

If you have questions or remarks or if you want to use our images, please feel free to contact us.
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Latest additions

Check out a report about a basevisit to Wittmund Air Base
We added a section for our 2021 Publications
Only Eagles and Vipers at the 2009 Frisian Flag. Our report is added
Kleine Brogel AB hosted the 2009 Tiger Meet, check out the report
TLP 2006-6 at Florennes AB is now added to our report section
We added a report about the 2011 airshow at Leeuwarden AB
Koksijde AB hosted an airshow in 2011; check out our report
We published our report about TLP 2006-5 at Florennes AB
We added some pictures and modified our report about Sabre Strike 2007
Check out our report about the OIE at Kleine Brogel AB
Our report about TLP 2006-4 at Florennes AB is online
Added a report about TLP 2006-3 at Florennes AB
In 2019 we visited Moody AFB, GA. Check out the report
A report about the 2009 Volkel airshow has been added
Our publication in the October 2020 issue of Combat Aircraft Journal
The first TLP of 2006 was cold, misty and rainy. Check out the report
Check out the report about our visit to NAS Whiting Field, FL. in 2019
The U.S. Navy participated in the FWIT training on Leeuwarden AB in 1995 check out our report
A report about TLP 2005-5 with a large USAF contribution is online
Added a report about a two day visit to Meiringen AB, Switzerland
Our article about the training of U.S. Navy Aviators was published In the August issue of Air Forces Montly
We had a publication in the June issue of Take-Off Magazine
Added our publication in the June issue of Full Stop Magazine
A report about the exercise ELITE at Lechfeld AB is addes to the site
The report about TLP 2005-4 at Florennes AB is online
Added a report about a sunny TLP 2005-3 at Florennes AB
Added a report about the Volkel airshow 2007
Added a publication in the July issue of Combat Aircraft Monthly
Report about Hyakuri AB, Japan
We published a report about the 187th Fighter Wing at Dannelly Field ANGB, Alabama, USA.
TLP 2005-2 was a beautiful edition. Check out the report
Added a report about the airshow at Cambrai AB in 2006