RAF Mildenhall temporary home of the Lakenheath Eagles

From 14 May until 14 June 2010, RAF Mildenhall was not only the home base of the KC-135s of the 100th Air Refuelling Wing and other USAF “heavies”. During this month the base was also a temporary home for F-15 Eagles from RAF Lakenheath. The runway of RAF Lakenheath was closed due to resurfacing. Besides aircraft, the entire support system for the aircraft was moved also. This included maintenance and support personnel, equipment and hazardous materials.

The movement to RAF Mildenhall
The day before the start of the event, the air base was The movement of the equipment was a huge job. Approximately thirty 40-foot trailer loads of equipment and supplies had to be driven to RAF Mildenhall to support the mission.The movement of the aircraft themselves was a rather simple process. The move was planned around the regular training schedule: so, pilots took off, flew a normal training mission and then -instead of landing at RAF Lakenheath- they landed at RAF Mildenhall and the move, for them, was completed. Most of the Eagles present at Mildenhall were from the 494th Fighter Squadron. The squadron had just returned from a deployment in Afghanistan. The 492nd Fighter Squadron was deployed in Afghanistan during the runway maintenance and the 493rd Fighter Squadron was for temporary duty in Bulgaria, so very little aircraft from the 492nd and 493rd were stationed at RAF Mildenhall. Only a few Eagles were left behind at RAF Lakenheath for maintenance and training purposes.