An era of German Navy fighter bombers is coming to an end

In 2003, the German Government decided that the German Navy would stop flying fighter bomber planes in 2005. With the end of this era coming up, we visited Eggebek Air Base, home of Marinefliegergeschwader 2 on 2 September 2004. Just one day before visiting the Tiger Meet at Schleswig-Jägel AB. Eggebeck AB is situated only half-an-hour North of Schleswig-Jägel, so this was a great opportunity to capture some of the last flying action over there.

MarineFliegerGeschwader 2
On 1 April 1958, Marinefliegergruppe 2 was founded. The designated homebase Nordholz was still under heavy construction and the unit was divided over two other bases: Kiel-Holtenau and Schleswig-Jägel. The unit flew the Sea Hawk, the Fairey Gannet and the Fouga Magister. After some changes in the German Navy, Marinefliegergeschwader 2 (MFG 2) was officially founded on 1 August 1960 and moved forward and back between Nordholz and Jägel, before eventually moving over to Eggebek in March 1964. Aufklärungsgeschwader 52 -which was stationed on Eggebek- had moved over to Leck AB. Together with the move to Eggebek, MFG 2 received its first F-104G Starfighters. Soon after that followed by the reconnaissance version of the Starfighter, the RF-104G. The Starfighters stayed in service for over 25 years and were replaced by Panavia Tornados in 1986. The Tornados were in use by MFG 2 until June 2005 and most of them were transferred to the German Air Force.
MFG 2 was disbanded on 9 August 2005. On 1 August 2006, Eggebek Air Base was definitely closed. Nowadays the former Air Base is an enormous solar park.