Exercise Jawtex brings Turkish Vipers to Germany

JAWTEX (Joint Tactical Air Warfare Exercise), the largest and most important exercise of all branches of the armed forces of the German Bundeswehr, was held from 12 to 23 May 2014. More than 110 aircraft participated from several airbases.

Turkish participation
The Turkish Air Force was present with F-16’s that temporarely operated from Wittmund Air Base, Germany. Recce Reports was present to shoot the actions from the Turkish Block 50+ Falcons -belonging to 141 and 142 Filo based at Ankara/Akinci- along with the Eurofighters of the hosting air base.

Training of joint operations
Almost 4,500 soldiers from 11 NATO and Partner nations trained on all aspects of joint operations as well as the coordination and cooperation of air, land and maritime assets. Fighter and transport aircraft operated out of the air bases at Jagel, Wittmund, Hohn, Laage, Holzdorf and Faßberg, while an Airbus A-310 tanker aircraft flew out of Cologne. A Geilenkirchen-based NATO E-3 AWACS platform operated out of Oerland in Norway.