Wittmund Air Base, Germany – Richthofen F-4s on display

To give aviation enthusiasts the chance of photographing the Richthofen F-4s in their natural habitat, before ending their service in the German Air Force, the base hosted a photo call on 5 June 2012. The base gave the opportunity to photograph the F-4s in front of their Hardened Aircraft Shelters. Wittmund Air Base is home of the 71st Tactical Wing of the Luftwaffe.

The 71st Tactical Wing of the German Air Force was established in 1959 at Wittmund Air Base and received the honorary title of ‘Richthofen’ in 1961. Richthofen stands for Manfred von Richthofen, a famous World War I ace pilot nicknamed ‘Red Baron’, who achieved 80 victories.  In 1974, the wing received its first F-4F Phantom II aircraft. An important part of the mission of the fighter wing are Quick Reaction Alerts interceptions over Northern Germany. After 39 years of service, in 2013 the F-4 ended its service within the Richthofen wing while the Eurofighter stepped in.