Kleine Brogel AB hosts the 45th Tiger Meet

From 14 until 25 September 2009, 31 Smaldeel at Kleine Brogel Air Base in Belgium hosted the 45th Tiger meet. No less than 19 squadrons from 11 different countries with over 50 aircraft and helicopters participated in this year’s Tiger Meet. The NATO Tigers association is not sure about their first meet, but it appears to have started with a get together between USAFE’s 79th Tactical Fighter Squadron and No 74 squadron from the RAF for some whiskey and cheer in 1960.

The Missions
During this 45th Tiger meet only day-time missions were flown, covering airspace above France, Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands and Germany and also training areas above the North Sea.
Aim of the morning missions was individually training of the participants. The Combined Air Operations Missions (COMAO) were flown in the afternoons. The COMAO missions consisted of air-to-air missions, Close Air Support (CAS), Convoy Protection, mission and and Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR). In the two-week exercise more than 800 sorties were noted. At the end of the exercise, it was announced that the ´Silver Tiger Trophy´ of this meet was won by Escadron 1-12 `Cambresis’ with their Mirage 2000s.

The participants of the 45th Tiger Meet
Belgian Air Force, 31 Smd. with F-16A/B
Czech Air Force, 211 Tl. with JAS-39C/D
Czech Air Force, 231 LtBVr with Mi-24
German Air Force, AG-51 with Tornado IDS
Hungarian Air Force, 59/1 Sqn. with JAS-39C/D
Swiss Air Force, Staffel 11 with F/A-18C/D
French Air Force, EC. 1/12 with Mirage 2000B/C
French Air Force, EC. 5/330 with Mirage 2000-5 and Rafale B/C
Italian Air Force, 21 Gruppo with AB-212
NATO, with E-3A
Royal Air Force, 230 Sqn. with Puma HC.1
Royal Navy, 814 NAS with Merlin HM.1 (only 2nd week)
Royal Netherlands Air Force, 313 Sqn. with F-16A/B
Royal Norwegian Air Force, 338 Skv with F-16A/B
Spanish Air Force, 142 Esc. with Mirage F.1M
Spanish Air Force, Ala-15 with EF-18+