Italian Tornados operate from Nörvenich Air Base

From Monday 13 to Friday 24 March 2017 nine Tornado ECRs were deployed at Nörvenich Air Base for a training over the modernized Polygone Electronic Warfare Range in Germany.

155 Gruppo
All Tornados were part of the 155 Gruppo from Ghedi Air Base. In September 2016 the unit moved to Ghedi Air Base after the closure of their home base Piacenza. 6 Stomo at Ghedi Air Base is now home of the entire Tornado fleet of the Italian Air Force: 102 and 154 Gruppo with Tornado IDSs and 155 Gruppo with the Tornado ECR.

Polygone range
During their stay in Germany, the Tornados extensively used the Polygone range. This range is an electronic warfare tactics range, located south of Ramstein Air Base in the Rheinland-Pfalz region in Germany. The facility is a tri-national facility operated by France, Germany and the United States. Polygone offers a modernized and real-time electronic warfare training system to NATO aircrews. The Polygone extended its capabilities in 2015 with the opening of the Polygone Control Center. Operators of the PCC talk to aircraft through a simulator and test pilots on their reaction by sending virtual threats during enemy engagements.