North Carolina’s Eagles nest

Seymour Johnson AFB is situated in a rural environment in North Carolina, not far from the city of Goldsboro. The base houses approximately 100 F-15Es and can therefore be considered as a true Eagles nest. The based F-15 Eagles are part of four F-15E squadrons that all operate under command of the 4th Fighter Wing.

The 333rd & 334th Fighter Squadron
The 333rd FS ‘Lancers’ with a red tail fin and the 334th FS ‘Fighting Eagles’ with a blue tail fin are formal training units. They are the sole training units in USAF, responsible for qualifying all U.S. Air Force F-15E aircrews.

The 335th & 336th Fighter Squadrons
The 335th FS ‘Chiefs’ with a green tail fin and the 336th FS ‘Rocketeers’ with a yellow tail fin are both operational units. These squadrons have been on many overseas assignments in the last decades. 336th FS F-15E with serial 89-487, known as ‘America’s Jet’, has the most hours of any F-15E, and this Eagles has two air-to-air kills (of the 3 in total owned by F-15Es).

The 916th Air Refueling Wing
Besides the F-15E squadrons, Seymour Johnson AFB also hosts the 916th ARW. The 916th Air Refueling Wing is an Air Reserve Component (ARC), which consists of two KC-135R squadrons. The 77th ARS, ‘The Totin’ Tigers’, is an Air Force Reserve squadron. The 911th ARS ‘First in Flight’ is the Air Force’s very first active duty squadron that is under the command of a Reserve wing. The 916th ARW will start replacing its KC-135Rs for 12 KC-46As in 2020.